Nitro or Electric? What should I buy?

Author: Performance Hobbies   Date Posted:20 March 2018 

Buying an RC Car? Should you buy Nitro (Engine) car, or Electric??? Keep in mind that it’s largely a matter of preference. You’ll see below, that what’s considered a positive to some, is a negative to others. Let’s examine the pros and cons……..
What’s ‘good’ about Nitro?
- Engine Sound
- Smell of the Smoke
- Tuneable Engine
- Regular maintenance required
- Impressive Speed and Power
- Runs on Fuel
- Run out of fuel? Fill up and go again
What’s ‘bad’ about Nitro?
- Noisy 
- Smelly
- Oily (attracts dirt to your car)
- Regular maintenance required
- Ongoing fuel costs
- Tuning of the engine is often required
So, what’s ‘good’ about Electric?
- Cheaper to buy generally
- Quiet
- Clean running
- Powerful (especially Brushless)
- Low maintenance – just charge and drive
- No tuning of engines required
- Instant torque 
- Easily upgradable
What’s ‘bad’ about electric cars?
- No noise (less realistic)
- Battery life is sometimes limited
- More batteries need to be purchased for longer runtime
- Some batteries are volatile
- Very little to maintain (if maintenance is something you enjoy)

So, as you can see, every car has it’s good and bad points. Our advice, just choose something you like the look of and will use a lot, and go with it. The main thing is to get something that is fun to you. Buy the right thing for your wants and needs and you’ll have the most fun. If we can help with advice or further information, please ask!

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